FekraSoft Co.

Fekrasoft is a leading IT services company providing software and internet solutions across the globe. We provide e-business solutions to our enterprise customers as well as product realization services to our Internet infrastructure customers. We have very strong software engineering processes. We have global operations across the world and have satisfied customers everywhere. We provide a full range of services including Architecting, Integrating and Managing solutions. These solutions are provided across a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from eCommerce to wireless. We also provide expertise on conversion and rewrite of Legacy systems (programs).

Working environment

Our working environment will inspire you. Integrity, achievement, and client focus are integral to the way we work. We encourage our people to think for themselves, but at the same time work hard to support a genuine team-based environment where ideas flourish.

State of Art Technologies

Using the Latest and up-to-date Technologies .
Purchasing over the Internet becomes the modern alternative for the traditional ones in our hectic life where there is not much time for purchasing. Although there is some noticeable apprehension with this land of purchasing; such as how to pay, etc; we offer ways to make one feel more secureiwth online commerce.


We Do our best for client satisfaction .
We’re committed to listening and responding to our customers to ensure that your needs are at the heart of everything we do. Seriously. We mean it.we’re insanely passionate about customer satisfaction. We hope you never have a problem using our survey software…but if you ever do, our award-winning Customer Support team will fix it on the double.

FekraSoft ® is an Egyptian company specialized in IT solution; FekraSoft ® is trying to meet customer needs through the precise studies and analysis of business requirements We have a qualified and well-trained teamwork of IT professionals. This team has the ability to understand the customer needs to perform effective solutions.We also have the latest technologies that present powerful solutions, especially Microsoft Technology.Our solutions are suitable for all business and individual entities.We have a technical support section that is trying to satisfy our customers. Finally, we offer reasonable prices and a flexible way of payment


We provide deferent Services and Products for our Clients.


Software solutions for optimized transactions from all points of service.

Our-POS is one of the easiest Point of Sale solutions, Our-POS is used by retailers …


Modular and scalable Point-of-Sale and enterprise solutions that meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant and food service.


Integrated hotel management, distribution, and Point-of-Sale solutions for all requirements and sizes.

FekraSoft offers a wide range of scalable and …


Web Front Portal to cover all eGov eServices.

The FekraSoft Government Solutions Group is specialized in providing time saving, error reducing, and….

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