Al-Mashourah Business Proposal

Almashourah would like to appreciate your interest about Our products and services and based on mutual discussions and meetings with Desert Sniper Company we propose to implement the following solutions:
1. OurERP Management System
2. OurPOS Management System
You will find below a detailed description of each of the above-mentioned products.

OurERP financial Management System

OurERP System gives a clear view of the most important financial information and KPI’s for your organization by using precious analytical dashboard of financial statements to create control panels and dedicated reports for your company’s departments and sectors, the most important features of the system include the following:
• Highly flexible chart of accounts
• Multi-company and multi-currency posting
• Robust controls over JV’s and Privileges
• Fully Customizable Financial Cycles
• Multi-Level / Multi-Dimension Cost Center Allocation
• Real-Time Working Capital Reports
• Budgeting and measuring your performance
• Instant generation of year/quarter monthly financial statements, audit trails and key repo


Effective inventory control is one of the most important elements of business success, OurERP
has many advantages to perform this task with flexible and ease of use module including:
• Unlimited multi-warehouse / multi-POS setup
• Handle diverse product types to fit your sector with different units, measurements
• Split, create and produce bundles
• Complete control over your inventory with easy stock-taking methods
• Automate your entire warehouse, barcode printing, warranty tracking, low stock notification
• Customizable inventory cycle – stock transfers, stock issuing, damaged products, order management
• Instantly identify slow-moving / best-selling products
• Create multi-currency purchase orders from item reorder levels, site requisition, internal PO’s with excel import
• Set user order limits, approval cycles
• Link LC’s, LG’s with purchase invoices and distribute finance, shipping cost upon products
• Complete vision of purchase process
• Automatically print product labels with purchase invoice
• Track supplier balances, credit limits


OurPOS system facilitates sales cycle using all electronic systems for all business activities and saves time and effort to manage your showroom and to know its sales and progress reports. In addition, it is the only system capable of controlling sales channels automatically and through web / mobile applications, some of its most important features:
• Compatibility with most devices
• Permanently working POS either connected to server or offline
• Flexible sales cycle setup with complete vision entire process
• Control over promotions, discount policies, pricing policies
• Set flexible commission structure using sales targets, or for specific product
• Multi-currency sales with multiple payment methods with auto generation of financial transactions
• Handle sales returns/damages with ease
• Manage reservations, delivery process and possibility of holding one or more invoice
• Monitor category, product and customer-wise sales
• Advanced user-friendly POS screen to fit different sectors
• Mobile POS is available
• Set user policy to reflect discount level available to each user


Due to the importance of exerting maximum control on the project variables, we are including here a detailed section on team formation as a demonstration of the level of detail necessary for this project.


The overall success of the project is largely dependent on the formation of multi-functional project team that seamlessly integrates members from and specialists from Almashourah. Similar projects have been successful in the past with teams made up of the following main components:
Different constituent teams may vary during the lifetime of the project. This is normal as emphasis and requirements change radically during, survey, deployment and testing. The task of overall project management falls on the Steering Committee. This task is directly affected by the following factors:
• The degree of support granted by managing.
• The ability to keep decision makers informed of the developments and potential implementation issues
• The ability of the steering committee to reach unambiguous directions and clear decisions on matter brought to its attention
• The degree of harmony and integration between the three main players in the project team


The Steering Committee plays the principal role in the management of the project. Its responsibilities include the following:

  • Insure the execution of the project according to the Project Plan
  • Closely monitor project execution details
  • Coordinate activities between staff and Almashourah specialists
  • Closely coordinate activities between Almashourah and counterparts
  • Receive and review technical reports
  • Issue the necessary approvals for phase and function deliverables
  • Study change proposals not covered in the original Agreement
  • Issue approvals of change orders


The Steering Committee should have a permanent membership that is best kept at a minimum in the interest of streamlining and expediting decision-making. The following formation is proposed:

  • Chairman: Senior member of Management Team
  • Members:
    • Counterpart Team Leader
    • Almashourah Projects Manager
    • Almashourah Consultants
    • Company BPR Business Process Reengineering
  • Secretary: Suitable clerical help for minutes of meetings


The steering committee should have strong administrative infrastructure in order to reduce the logistical burden on the committee’s chairman. This could be achieved through the appointment of a dedicated secretary.

Meeting Times: It is recommended that the committee meets once a week. This is particularly important during the early stages of Survey and BPR. During the Implementation phase the committee could meet bi-weekly or as often as is needed. The meeting is to be kept as short as possible. This will guarantee the commitment of senior management to attending the meeting. The recommended day is Wednesday.

Procedure: The management procedure for the Steering Committee will be specified by the Chairman. The following is a basic guideline:

  • Committee Meetings are to be numbered and dated as o Meeting No. 99 Date DD/MM/YYYY
  • Reports are to be submitted one day before the meeting
  • All reports are to be submitted in electronic forms only
  • Copies of all other exhibits are to be provided to all attendants
  • Committee meeting minutes must be circulated within 24 hours
  • Unresolved Items are to be listed at the start of each report
  • All committee reports are confidential and restricted to members only


The project will require a mix of skills and expertise, working at maximum effort and under tight control in order to achieve satisfactory results.

The team will be an autonomous unit that receives assistance and resources form all relevant Almashourah Department. The following is the overall organization:

Project Owner/Manager. The project Owner/Manager is the formal representative of Almashourah. He is the authorized person from Almashourah to perform the agreements, approve the final plans, and follow up the execution with full authorities to direct the rest of Almashourah team members.

Functional Consultant. The senior functional consultant is responsible of the following:

  • Do the Preliminary survey on the current status
  • Gives his recommendations to help any BPR responsible to finalize the future process model in companies
  • Insure the delivery of the different project deliverables on time

Technical Consultant. The technical consultant is responsible of the following:

The installation of the software including the database, applications

Maintenance of the system Operating system and Applications during the project period and during the support period.



Implementation and installation of Almashourah Solutions, as described herein in section 1, on client premises to operate on multi-clinic basis.

Almashourah will provide training to users on different levels (10 hours of training):

1) User Training:                                                                                                        

Training for the ordinary users which will use the system (accountant and data entry clerks)

2) Super User Training:

Training for the powerful users which will be the reference for the rest of the users on how to use the system

3) Support Training:

Training for the users which will form the first line support for the application side in the functional and administrative areas of the application.


During the implementation period of the project, it can raise, within reason, new requirements that are out of the scope of the project.

It is evident that these requirements will affect the project plan in term of resources, time and tasks. Consequently, any additional requirements required by will be billed and invoiced to.


  1. Almashourah will provide with a form called RCF Request Change Form
  2. This form will be used to document required changes by the party who requires the change
  3. All RCFs will be discussed during the steering committee meetings held once per weeks as suggested
  4. The two parties will present their requirements and recommendations and a decision will be taken and documented in the RCF and signed by the two parties


Implementation time: 1 month

Training: Training plan will be developed jointly by Almashourah and Client.


  • Maintenance contract for each shall commence 12 months after implementation at 20% of the contract value.
  • For any additional User  KWD
  • For any additional POS KWD


  • 50% upon contract signature.
  • 50% after one month from signature.




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